Information for international guests

The University web site International Faculty and Staff Services contains information for international emloyees and fellows.

The aim is to help international guests prepare for their stay and facilitate when they arrival in Sweden.

Up-coming events includes a welcome reception for newly arrived international researchers, lecturers, doctoral students and their partners on 24 September. For more information and additional activities, please see the programme with activities.

Invitation Welcome Reception

Online Swedish course

Learning Swedish is a free online language course for beginners. All you need to get started is a computer or tablet with internet connection. The course introduces you to basic spoken and written Swedish. If you already know some Swedish, you can start by taking a built-in test to see what level of the course you should begin at. The course is free of charge, with an option to pay for teacher-led sessions under Learning Swedish PLUS.

Learning Swedish is a joint project between the Swedish Institute (SI) and universities in Sweden and abroad.

For more information please visit the course web site.