Undergraduate education at IGP

We are in charge of courses in the Medicine program, Biomedicine program, Biomedical Laboratory Science program and Physiotherapy program. In addition, we take care of part of the teaching in other courses in the Medicine program, without having the immediate course responsibility.

We offer students in different programs to perform their degree or master projects at the Department. For instance, we welcome Medicine program students to do their advanced projects in semester 10-11 with us. Available student projects are presented in the Project catalogue.

We give a large number of single subject courses, e.g. Molecular Mechanisms in Cancer, Medical Genetics, Immune, Gene and Cell Therapy and Oncology Care. The Department is also in charge of three master programs.

Project courses at IGP are given as 15 or 30 credit courses. Please note that you have to agree on a project with your supervisor to be eligible for the course. When applying, a Project Plan Form should be filled in and attached to the application.

Program courses at IGP

Medicine program
Pathology and Immunology, 12 credits
Clinical Pathology, 0.5 credits
Cancer Care in the Future, 7.5 credits

Biomedical Laboratory Science program
Pathology and clinical genetics, 11 credits, semester 3
Immunology and transfusion medicine, 12 credits, semester 4
Advanced course I, 7 credits, semester 6

Biomedicine program
Medical genetics, 7.5 credits, semester 5

Singel subject courses

Molecular mechanisms in cancer, 7.5 credits

Medical genetics, 7.5 credits

Medical Genetics and Cancer - Molecular Mechanisms, 15 credits

Basic medical genetics 4.5 credits (on-line course)

Immune, gene and cell therapy, 7.5 credits, (evening course)

Regenerative medicine, 7.5 c

Bioimaging and Cell Analysis, 7.5 c

Biomarkers, Discovery and Validation, 7.5 c

Genomic and Epigenomic Medicine, 15 c

Forensic Genetics and Medicine, 15 c

Forensic Science and Criminalistics, 7.5 c

Molecular Tools for Proteome Analysis and Diagnostics, 7.5 c

Oncology care, 6 c

Oncology care in specfic diagnoses, 7.5 c

Radiation production and medical effects, 6 c

Nuclide production and radiochemistry, 9 c

Good manufacturing practise, 6 c

Nuclide diagnostics and therapy, 12 c

Labelling chemistry and compound development, 30 c

Medical physics and engineering, 5 c

Project courses

Advanced Course in Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, 30 c

Advanced Course in Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, 15 c

Master programmes

Master in Forensic Science

Master in Molecular Medicine

Master in Medical Nuclide Techniques

International Master in Innovative Medicine