Master in medical nuclide techniques

The master programme in medical nuclide techniques covers subjects that range from the effects of ionising radiation to the clinical use of nuclides. The programme provides advanced theoretical and practical knowledge about chemical, biological and medical applications of radioactive nuclides. It focuses on current research regarding identification of new targets for radionuclide based tumour detection and therapy.

This front-line education meets the increasing demand for knowledge in nuclide techniques for physicians, pharmacists, physicists, biologists and chemists.

Some of the courses in the programme can be studied as single subject courses. More information can be found on the page with single subject courses.

Programme content:

Year 1
Radiation Protection and Medical Effects, 6 credits
Nuclide Production and Radiochemistry, 9 credits
Detection Techniques and Dosimetry, 12 credits
Good Manufacturing Practice, GMP, 6 credits
Nuclide Diagnostics and Therapy, 12 credits
Degree Project, 15 credits

Year 2
Labelling Chemistry and Compound Development, 30 credits
Degree Project, 30 credits