Uppsala Genome Center


During the weeks 28-32 we are going to have a limited number of working personnel.

Sanger Sequencing service will be closed during w. 31.

The door at the C11 entrance of BMC is now locked for summer, thus we will have to move the ice-box for the Tuesday service to the A11 entrance instead. If you cannot enter BMC, please call 070-167 9082.

Please be advised that there will be longer waiting time for GeneScan services during weeks 28-31.

For the weekly sequencing service: you will find the ice box on Tuesdays, just behind the SciLife reception at C11.

If you submit samples at any other day, or for other types of samples that are not included in our weekly service, please leave those in the freezer at the reception.



Uppsala Genome Center, IGP, UU

Husargatan 3

Ref. box 815

752 37 Uppsala

NOTE: opening hours for BMC package delivery is 8:00 to 16:30.


Uppsala Genome Center


Box 815

752 37 Uppsala

Have a nice summer!    

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The Uppsala Genome Center is a part of the genomics platform at Science For Life Laboratory in Uppsala and also one node of NGI-Sweden; National Genomics Infrastructure.

Starting from the 1st of February 2013 all project requests, including requests for quotation must go via NGS's common web-gataway: https://portal.scilifelab.se/genomics/. Please note that only Swedish academic and industrial customers may apply for the projects to be run at any of NGI facilities. Exceptions can be made for Nordic and EU customers in cases of collaborative projects with Swedish academic and industrial researchers. 


Our main purpose is to provide sequencing service to Swedish academic customers. We are also happy to serve researchers from other countries. 


We offer a broad range of services for genetic analysis, including:

  • Next Generation Sequencing on AB SOLiD™ and Ion Torrent PGM™ Systems 
  • Sanger Sequencing Service 
  • Human cell line authentication with STR profiling 
  • Genotyping with STR-markers 
  • Genotyping of SNP-markers with TaqMan® probes 
  • Gene expression on ABI7900HT with TaqMan®Gene Expression Assays 
  • Separation of custom prepared samples by capillary electrophoresis on ABI3730XL DNA Analyzer


Our aim is to find cost effective, flexible and expedient solutions for all type of offered services. The ambition is to find individual solutions and offer service in accordance with the needs of each customer. Being a non-commercial university-based core facility allows us to undertake even scientifically challenging projects that might lead to development of novel protocols and applications of the existing NGS technology. 


With more than ten years experience of running a core facility we have acquired a high level of experience in Sanger Sequencing and STR-genotyping. Since 2008 we have been providing service for Next Generation Sequencing on AB SOLiD™ System and, since 2011, on Ion Torrent PGM™. We have experience from different types of library preparations. Long mate-pair DNA libraries (1-10kb) and RNA libraries for whole trancsriptome or small RNA analysis are standard procedures in our laboratory. Automatization of the procedure for standard fragment library preparation, as well as installation new sequencing instruments in 2011 has increased the capacity for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). 


You are welcome to contact our managers to discuss your project and your need for service:


Image: Ignas Bunikis

Design: Olga Vinnere Pettersson

(The original design of the beaded DNA spiral - Gwen Fischer)