Uppsala Genome Center Services

To all our users of Sanger sequencing and GeneScan services

We are becoming accreditated according to ISO-standards, and as part of this work we need to introduce stricter rules, mainly relating to sample submission. For this purpose, we have updated our submission forms, which ALL users must fill in FOR EACH SUBMISSION. Please note that invoice information must be correctly stated on each form. This could be simplified by saving a sample form template in each lab.

Starting from September 1st, we will only accept the new forms, and samples not delivered as stated in our instructions will not be processed. All to guarantee a secure handling of your precious samples.

We have also updated our instructions for our GeneScan and weekly Sanger Sequencing services, please take a moment to read them through. To simplify your submission of sequencing samples, we have written a short checklist covering the most basic points.

You can find all instructions and sample forms at our website




For your convenience, we have also printed a few copies of each form, and put on top of the Sanger input freezer. First come first serve!

Best regards

Uppsala Genome Center, the Sanger team

UGC is unique

Our center is different from any other genomic platform in Sweden, which means that we can offer unique possibilities of genomic analysis to our customers.

Since 1998, we have been and are still remaining one of the few core facilities offering weekly Sanger sequencing service in Northern Europe. 

Besides Sanger's, we are successfully operating Next Generation Sequencing service (NGS). Unlike other core facilities in Sweden, we offer services on Pacific Biosciences RSII, IonTorrent PGM™, and Ion Proton systems.

Finally, UGC is even offering genotyping service for multiple applications, e.g. human cell line autentication. 

Please follow the links below to read more about the services that we are providing:


Photo: use of sequencing instrument