Peetra Magnusson – Blood vessel function after transplantation

Disturbances in vascular function contribute to the development of several diseases and as a further consequence to human mortality. Diseases such as diabetes, heart failure and ischemia reperfusion injury share many of the same risk factors and consequential damage of the endothelium.

In replacement or regeneration of human cells, tissues or organs there is a need of functional revascularization. To improve recruitment of recipient’s vessels to the new tissue utilization of biomaterials or supportive cells is an attractive strategy.

New possibilities to protect the endothelium

Our research focuses on the endothelium in health and disease. By using cutting edge techniques and our signature methods for endothelial cell interactions with the blood compartment, stem cells and heparin compounds we are investigating different possibilities to protect the endothelium in disease and to improve islet transplantation.

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Peetra Magnusson has recently been awarded a scholarship from the foundation Familjen Knut och Ragnvi Jacobssons stiftelse.
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The research is also funded by a grant from Diabetes Wellness


              Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt