Photo of Rudbeckia flowerRudbeck seminars are given at the Rudbeck Lab every week during university semesters. The programme can be found below.

The Svedberg seminars are organised by SciLifeLab and are held every other Monday at 15.15, unless otherwise indicated in the programme.

Rudbeck seminars

Alternative seminars for PhD students

Due to COVID-19 the Rudbeck and Svedberg seminar series have temporarily halted most lectures. This creates problems for graduate students since at IGP it is compulsory to attend 30 seminars in order to get the PhD exam.

High quality research is presented at several international and national seminar series in areas of interest for students at IGP. The board at IGP therefore decided that such alternative seminar series can complement the Rudbeck/Svedberg seminars during 2021.

Graduate students should discuss which seminar series to attend with supervisors and examiners. Supervisors must check that the students attend the seminars. After completing 30 seminars the Credit registration form (see page Attestation of credit generating activity) should be signed and sent to the IGP administration

Last modified: 2023-09-27