Equal opportunities at IGP

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IGP does not accept any discrimination on the basis of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age. A working group at the department is assigned to actively prevent and work for counteracting discrimination at IGP.

Who to contact?

Are/have you been exposed to discrimination, or know of someone who is?

Contact IGP’s Equal opportunity officer (likavillkor@igp.uu.se) for support, help or if you have questions. Below you can also see who are members of the Equal opportunity group at IGP and their contact information.

You can also contact:

  • Your immediate superior.
  • Head of Department Tobias Sjöblom (prefekt@igp.uu.se).
  • Administrative manager; administrativchef-HR@igp.uu.se.
  • Student Healthcare, tel. 018-471 69 10.
  • Occupational health service Previa, tel. 0771-23 00 00.
  • The Vice-rector of the Disciplinary Domain, Mats Larhed, tel. 018-471 4667.
  • Equal Opportunity specialist at UU: likavillkor@uadm.uu.se.

The Equal Opportunity Group’s composition and work

The composition of the group and appointment of new members, and a summary of the group’s work, are described in the Equal Opportunity Group’s Policy Document, in Medarbetarportalen.

IGP’s  Equal Opportunity Group:

Lars Feuk (chair), Nils-Erik Heldin (studierektorGU@igp.uu.se), Camilla Nilsson (administrativchef-HR@igp.uu.se, Marco Cavalli, Beatriz Pereira, Elin Ekberg, Elin Sjöberg Hägerstrand and Liza Löf.

More about equality work at IGP

Equal treatment at IGP (pdf)

Action plan for sexual or gender-based harassment at IGP (word)

IGP Equal Opportunity Plan 2014-2016 (pdf)

Report, Equal Opportunity Survey 2016 (pdf)


Information about equal opportunities at the University

In Medarbetarportalen documents such as the University’s Equal opportunities programme and Parental Policy can be found.

Last modified: 2022-11-08