Study at IGP

We are involved in teaching in several undergraduate programs, including five Master's programmes: Forensic ScienceMolecular MedicineMedical Nuclide Techniques and Innovative Medicine and Precision Medicine.

Undergraduate education at IGP

We are in charge of courses in the Medicine program, Biomedicine program, Biomedical Laboratory Science program and Physiotherapy program. In addition, we take care of part of the teaching in other courses in the Medicine program, without having the immediate course responsibility.

We offer students in different programs to perform their degree or master projects at the Department. For instance, we welcome Medicine program students to do their advanced projects in semester 10-11 with us. Available student projects are presented in the Project catalogue.

We give a large number of freestanding courses, e.g. Molecular Mechanisms in Cancer, Medical Genetics, Immune, Gene and Cell Therapy and Oncology Care.The Department is also in charge of four Master's programs.

Postgraduate education at IGP

In addition, we have an extensive postgraduate education. For information on how to enroll in a postgraduate education program, see the left-hand side menu.

Last modified: 2023-10-03