Contact information Summer 2022

Week 26 (27 june - 1 july)
Madeleine Saari Byström and Lisa Johansson

Week 27 (4 july - 8 july)                                                                                                 Madeleine Saari Byström and Johanna Söderlund

Week 28 (11 july - 15 july)                                                                                               Johanna Söderlund

Week 29 (18 july - 22 july)                                                                                                   Amanda Gräns

Week 30 (25 july - 29 july)                                                                                               Madeleine Saari Byström och Amanda Gräns

Week 31 (1 aug - 5 aug)                                                                                               Johanna Söderlund and  Amanda Gräns

Week 32 (8 aug - 12 aug)                                                                                               Kristin Peisker and Lisa Johansson

Contact information for undergraduate education at IGP

The course office is located at the Rudbeck Laboratory and is open during regular office hours. You can also book an appointment by e-mail.

Finding us: Rudbecklaboratoriet, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 20, entrance floor

Course administration

Sofia Bodare
Program coordinator 
Leave of absence

Kristin Peisker                                                                                                                     
Course coordinator
International Master's programme in Innovative Medicine
018-471 4594, 

Hanne De Maeyer
Research enigeer / Lab coordinator Master programmes & coordination teaching PhD students 
018-471 4830,

Suzanne Ahlstav
Course administrator 
Master's programme in Medical Nuclear Technique, Biomedicine programme, and BMA-programme 
018-471 4313,

Amanda Gräns
Course administrator 
Master's programme in Forensic Science and Cancer care in the future (T11 Medicine program) 
018-471 5387,

Madeleine Saari Byström 
Course administrator
Medicine programme                                                                                                         Mobile: +46 70 4250269 or 018 471 4931,

Lisa Johansson
Course administrator
Medicine programme
018-471 4472,                                                                 

Johanna Söderlund 
Course administrator
Master's programme in Molecular Medicine
018-471 4669,

Gunneli Ekberg
Course administrator
Medicine program (T3, T11), Biomedicine program (T2)                                                     018-611 5135,


Nils-Erik Heldin
Director of studies
018-471 4679,

Nils-Erik Heldin is also contact person at the Department, for students with children and students with disabilities.

Programme coordinators Master's Programmes

Lena Åslund
Programme coordinator Master's Programme in Molecular Medicine and Master's Programme in Innovative Medicine

Marie Allen
Programme coordinator Master's Programme in Forensic Science

Bo Stenerlöw
Programme coordinator Master's Programme in Medical Nuclide Techniques

Study Counsellors

Carina Carlsson
Study Counsellor Master's students medicine
Office: BMC, A4:1
Book an appointment for study counselling

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