Master's programme in Precision Medicine

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Healthcare Made Personal

The right treatment for the right patient at the right time. How can treatment be tailored to an individual patient, and how will it look like in the future? The master's program in precision medicine gives you theoretical knowledge and practical experience in how to generate and analyse large-scale biological data to diagnose patients and enable individualized treatment. After completing your education, you will be attractive to a broad labour market both nationally and internationally within healthcare, industry and for further PhD-studies in academia.

Requirements and Application

Master's programme in Molecular Medicine

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Tomorrow`s health care – today`s education!

In the Master's programme in molecular medicine you will explore the molecular mechanisms that cause diseases and learn about the latest technologies in genomics, epigenetics and proteomics that can be used to develop better diagnostic and therapeutic tools. These are all crucial aspects to offer personalised and improved translational medicine. You will study at the forefront of molecular medicine research, with researchers, clinicians and industry from world-leading laboratories to prepare you for a career in the academia or industry.

Requirements and Application

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Master's programme in Forensic Science

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The next crime scene is yours!

Most crime scenes have traces that can be important evidence in a crime scene investigation. A genetic, chemical or toxicological analysis can play a critical role in an investigation and may lead to a conviction in court. The advanced and constantly improved methods for analysing technical evidence make forensic science a rapidly growing field. The Master’s programme in forensic science will give you the skills and knowledge needed for research and work within the forensic field, but also in many other fields. 

Requirements and Application

Master's programme in Medical Nuclide Techniques

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Uppsala University is currently world-leading within applications using radionuclides for medical imaging and cancer therapy. In the Master’s programme in Medical nuclide techniques you will learn about strategies for compound development, labelling techniques, testing and evaluation of radionuclide-labelled compounds aimed for in vitro and in vivo (PET, SPECT) research and clinical practice. The programme is highly interdisciplinary and brings together leading scientists and clinicians from Uppsala University to create a unique and stimulating educational environment.

Requirements and Application

International Master's programme in Innovative medicine

Translate your knowledge into applications!

The Erasmus+ International Master in Innovative Medicine (IMIM) is a two-year international master's programme focusing on translational medical research, modern molecular techniques, innovation and entrepreneurship. IMIM is a research-oriented master's programme, integrated with teaching from associated companies and prepares you for a future global career in interdisciplinary and internationally competitive academic research or private sector.

Requirements and Application

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