Postgraduate education at IGP

At IGP there are approximately 100 postgraduate students, with activities in all research programmes. Here you can find some information about our postgraduate education.

The postgraduate programme comprises at least 120 credit points for a licentiate degree, typically two years training, and at least 240 credit points for a doctoral degree, i.e. four years training. The program includes both a number of courses and other theoretical elements, and the actual thesis work. At IGP the thesis work as a rule involves experimental (wet laboratory) work, resulting in publications in scientific journals.

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Courses and other theoretical elements

Part of the postgraduate education includes courses and other theoretical elements. At the Medical Faculty this part comprises in total 30 hp for a doctoral degree and 15 hp for a licentiate degree.

The course part comprises 15 hp, out of which 8.5–11.5 hp are compulsory courses. In addition, the Medical Faculty provides several optional research training courses. You can also take courses given by other faculties or universities. As theoretical elements you can include literature courses, conferences, seminar series etc.

Information about courses required for postgraduate education at the Medical Faculty
Information on research training courses

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PhD defences, half-time and licentiate seminars

Each year, 15 to 20 PhD students at IGP defend their theses. A similar number present their work at half-time or licentiate seminars.

Last modified: 2024-01-23