Application and admission to postgraduate studies

There is no common admission to postgraduate education programs at the Medical Faculty. However, all open program positions are published on the University's Jobs and Vacancies web page.

The applicant sends an application for a postgraduate position according to the advertisement text. The applications are reviewed by the supervisor who decides who will get the position. Subsequently, a formal application for admission to the postgraduate education is submitted and the Committee for Postgraduate Education at the Disciplinary Domain takes the final decision about admission.

If the application is for a licentiate degree the individual syllabus must include an explanation as to why this degree is chosen.

Requirements for admission to postgraduate education

A student starting a postgraduate education at the Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology must have prior knowledge in the postgraduate education subject, i.e medical science. Additional education in the postgraduate subject can be obtained by taking specialised courses at IGP.

To be admitted you need to have:

  • A Swedish undergraduate education of at least 240 hp, out of which at least 60 hp should be at an advanced level.


  • A foreign education corresponding to at least 240 hp. Applicants with a foreign degree should, before they apply for admission, submit their degree certificates (as copies signed by the Head of Department) to the University for consultation.


Knowledge in the English language. Students who don’t have a Nordic university degree or English as their native language must take a "Test of English as a Foreign Language", (TOEFL), alternatively an IELTS test (”International English Language Testing System”), before they can be admitted to the postgraduate education program.