Multi-omics analysis of colorectal cancer for improved diagnosis and treatment

We are looking for students interested in improving treatment and diagnostics for cancer through bioinformatic analyses of molecular data..


We are conducting detailed profiling of the somatic genomic and transcriptomic landscapes of a large number of primary colorectal tumors from Swedish patients. The aims are increased knowledge of colorectal cancer tumorigenesis, and development of diagnostic tools and improved treatments for colorectal cancer. The student will join ongoing analyses as needed at the time, working on one or more scientific questions relating to the project aims.


Multi-omics approaches have potential to reveal new targets for treatment or biomarker development. We have collected whole genome and transcriptome sequencing data from tumor tissue samples from more than 1,000 Swedish patients of the U-CAN colorectal cancer cohort. For some of the patients we also have data on tumor immune cell infiltration, and plasma proteomic and metabolomics data.

Project plan

We are looking for students specializing in bioinformatics to participate in the data analyses. Several research questions will be explored, and we have particular interest in studying how the different types of data from the same tumor or patient relate to each other and to the clinical data. 

Basic knowledge of Linux and programming and scripting in Python or R is required. Previous experience with genomic data analysis or next-generation sequencing knowledge is an advantage.

contact details

Professor Tobias Sjöblom
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Last modified: 2022-12-15