Angelica Loskog's research projects on immunotherapy

CAR T Cells

T cells expressing chimeric antigen receptors that allow T cells to specifically recognize and kill CD19 positive B cells are being developed in our group. We have evaluated novel and traditional CARs for their capacity to respond to target cells, resist immunosuppressive cells and substances, as well as their intracellular signaling status post activation.

We have performed a Phase I/II trial in Sweden and with Prof Magnus Essand we are currently performing Phase II trial using 3rd generation gene engineered T cells for patients with B cell lymphoma and leukemia together with Uppsala University Hospital (Prof. Gunilla Enblad and Assoc. Prof. Hans Hagberg) and in collaboration with Baylor College of Medicine, CAGT, Houston, and Vecura, Karolinska University Hospital.

Immunostimulatory Gene Therapy

Direct injection of gene therapy vehicles expressing immunostimulatory genes into the tumor microenvironment is being developed as a novel therapy for patients with solid tumors. We have just completed a clinical trial on malignant melanoma were we evaluated the effect of a replication-deficient adenovirus transferring the CD40L gene into the tumor. This study was done in collaboration with Prof. Thomas Tötterman and Sara Mangsbo at Uppsala University as well as Assoc. Prof. Gustav Ullenhag at Uppsala University Hospital.

We are now focusing on the development of a new series of oncolytic adenoviruses loaded with immunostimulatory and tumor microenvironment modulating genes. The LOAd viruses are developed together with Lokon Pharma AB and a clinical trial for patients with pancreatic, biliary, colorectal or ovarian cancer is ongoing