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  1. Hauffman, A., Alfonsson, S., Igelström, H., & Johansson, B. Experiences of Internet-Based Stepped Care in Individuals With Cancer and Concurrent Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression: Qualitative Exploration Conducted Alongside the U-CARE AdultCan Randomized Controlled Trial. J Med Internet Res. 2020, 22(3):e16547.
  2. Forslund, M., Ottenblad, A., Ginman, C., Johansson, S., Nygren, P., Johansson, B. Effects of a nutrition intervention on acute and late bowel symptoms and health-related quality of life up to 24 months post radiotherapy in patients with prostate cancer: A multi-centre randomised controlled trial. Supportive Care in Cancer, November 2019, Epub ahead of print
  3. Andersson, C., Pulido, C. T., Ahlstrom, H., & Johansson, B. Randomized Controlled Trial Examining Effects of Web-Based Information on Patient Satisfaction and Image Quality in (18)F-FDG PET/CT Examinations. J Nucl Med Technol, 2019, 47(1), 39-46.
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  8. Mattson, S., Alfonsson, S., Carlsson, M., Nygren, P., Olsson, E., Johansson, B. Internet-based stepped care with interactive support and cognitive behavioral therapy for reduction of anxiety and depressive symptoms in cancer - a clinical trial protocol. BMC Cancer. 2013, 13, 414.
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