IGP project on IVA’s new 100 list for technology in the service of humanity


Inger Gustavsson’s and Ulf Gyllensten’s project Home-sampling for the prevention of cervical cancer is one of seventy projects on the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences’ (IVA) 100 list for 2022.

In the concept developed by the IGP researchers the woman takes the sample herself, attatches it to a plain paper card and sends it by mail to the laboratory for HPV analysis. Screening based on this concept would save costs for the society and make more resources available for single women and the health care.

This is the fourth time IVA releases their 100 list, which this year lists 70 research projects from 20 higher education institutions in Sweden. The selected projects on the theme technology in the service of humanity have been deemed to have the potential to turn into actual benefits in a near future.

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