Olof Rudbeck Prize 2022 to Ulf Landegren


Ulf Landegren has been awarded the Olof Rudbeck Prize for 2022. The Olof Rudbeck Prize was founded by Upsala Läkareförening to reward important achievements in basic science that have had significant clinical impact.

The prize will be presented at the Olof Rudbeck Day on 21 October. The theme for the Rudbeck Day is When the brain no longer complies – is it dementia? and Ulf Landegren will give a presentation with the title Molecular tools for precision medicine.

During the Rudbeck Day, Christer Betsholtz, who was awarded the Olof Rudbeck Prize in 2020, will also receive his award and give a talk with the title The wonderful world of blood vessels – so much more than the body’s plumming.

Olof Rudbeck Day 2022