Lena Claesson-Welsh awarded the Rudbeck medal


Lena Claesson-Welsh is rewarded for her research on blood vessels and their role in health and disease.

Uppsala University’s Rudbeck Medal is awarded “for extraordinarily prominent achievements in science, to be conferred primarily for such accomplishments or findings attained at Uppsala University.”

The prize motivation reads: “She is rewarded for her vascular biology research, with implications in health and disease, in particular how molecular transport across vessel walls into surrounding tissues is regulated in different organs. Professor Claesson-Welsh’s discoveries on how blood vessels are formed by stimulation from Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) has proven important for the understanding and treatment of different pathological conditions.”

The other recipients of Rudbeck Medals are Emily Holmes, Department of Psychology, and Wang Yi, Department of Information Technology. The medals will be presented at a ceremony on the University’s birthday, 7 October.

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