IGP researchers receive million SEK grant from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation


Sven Nelander, Kaska Koltowska and Lene Uhrbom have been granted SEK 38.2 million, together with researchers in Gothenburg and Stockholm, to characterise the invasion routes of brain tumours and their role for the therapy of individual patients.

The brain tumour glioblastoma is an aggressive cancer type that unfortunately cannot be cured with available treatments. An important reason for this is the diffuse and invasive growth of the tumour cells in the brain tissue, which makes them difficult to remove surgically.

In the funded project, five collaborating research teams will use a new approach to characterise different types of invading cells, to find key genes and drugs that affect different types of invasion.

The characterisation is based on a new biobank with tumour cells that originate from patients, which allows the researchers to study differences between patients regarding tumour growth. The researchers can also use computation algorithms to link such differences to both genes and drugs, which makes the biobank a very powerful and unique research tool.

The project will run for five years and is heade by the three IGP researchers together with Rebecka Jörnsten, University of Gothenburg and Mats Nilsson, Stockholm University.

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