Christer Betsholtz and Ulf Landegren to give presentations at the Rudbeck Day on 21 October


Christer Betsholtz was awarded the Olof Rudbeck prize in 2020 and Ulf Landegren will receive this year’s prize. At the Rudbeck Day, with the theme “When the brain no longer complies – is it dementia?”, you can hear them both hold their prize lectures.

Christer Betsholtz was awarded the Olof Rudbeck prize for his ground-breaking research on how blood vessels are formed and function. Because of the pandemic, the award ceremony was postponed and he will therefore receive the prize on Friday, and give a lecture with the title “The wonderful world of blood vessels – so much more than the body’s plumbing system”.

Ulf Landegren has been awarded this year’s Olof Rudbeck prize for developing revolutionising molecular tools for precision medicine. “Molecular tools for precision medicine” is also the title of the lecture he will give on 21 October.

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