Pedagogical award to Malin Lagerström


Malin Lagerström has been awarded the prize Limbiska priset. The prize is awarded by the Biomedicine Programme, for teachers who have made a big impact and been an inspiration for the students.

Malin Lagerström, smiling and holding flowers and the award The prize motivation said: “A very pedagogical teacher who has provided great inspiration and motivation. If someone manages to get a standing ovation for something as dry as neurochemical signalling, they deserve this prize. The lecturer has also radiated a sense of security, consideration and that she cares about us and wants us to succeed.”

"I’m very happy to receive this prize, in particular since it is awarded by the students. I’m engaged in pedagogic matters at the programme, department and faculty level, and it is strengthening and gratifying that this is noticed," says Malin Lagerström.