IGP researchers receive the Attractive Innovation Project Award


UU Innovation has awarded the Attractive Innovation Project Award to five projects that are on the path from idea to innovation. Three of the projects are led by IGP researchers.

The Attractive Innovation Project Award aims to recognise researchers and students who have taken important steps towards translating ideas and research results into innovation and societal benefit. The three awarded projects led by IGP researchers are:

Akiram Therapeutics, founded Marika Nestor, Fredrik Frejd and Anja Mortensen, is developing a new type of radiotherapy for the currently incurable disease anaplastic thyroid cancer.

Readily Diagnostics was founded by Liza Löf and Masood Kamali-Moghaddam to bring a new rapid test for respiratory diseases to market.

Sapiron was founded by previous doctoral student Emil Rosén with the aim to promote the use of advanced image analysis methods in life sciences.

More information about the awarded projects and the Attractive Innovation Project Award