IGP to get new service facility


The DanioReadout facility provides services for researchers who wish to use zebrafish to study human diseases and substance exposure. The facility is supported by SciLifeLab and will be moving its operation to IGP shortly.

DanioReadout provides a full-offer, customised, genome engineering and substance exposure service integrated with phenotypic evaluation in the intact zebrafish embryo. Their three main service areas are the modelling of human genetic diseases, with experience in generating nearly 200 novel gene knock-out models, substance exposure studies and human cancer modelling.

All service areas are integrated with a unique in-house developed automated image capture pipeline and data analysis using artificial intelligence. The zebrafish husbandry is under the recently opened, state-of-the-art zebrafish facility Centre for In Vivo, hosted at BMC.

Zebrafish an an aquarium
Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

DanioReadout is open to meeting facility users’ needs, by developing disease models and analysis methods specific to each project. If your research project would benefit from using animal models, or the methods you are currently using do not provide the answers you are looking for, book a meeting with the facility representative to discuss your needs.


Centre for in vivo