Swedish Cancer Society grants to fifteen IGP researchers


The Swedish Cancer Society has granted funding of SEK 44.5 million in total, to 15 IGP researchers.

Pontus Aspenström, Panagiotis Baliakas, Cecilia Bergström, Anna Dimberg, Jan Dumanski, Gunilla Enbload, Stefan Enroth, Lars Forsberg, Kaska Koltowska, Angelica Loskog, Yumeng Mao, Daniel Molin, Peter Nygren and Anzhelika Vorobyeva have received three-year project grants of between SEK 2.4 and 6 million. Aglaia Schiza has received funding for research months during three years.

In this call for applications, the Swedish Cancer Society has granted funding of in total SEK 740 million for 224 research projects.

More information:

Swedish Cancer Society web (in Swedish)