Xingqi Chen appointed as Wallenberg Academy Fellow


The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation as decided to appoint IGP researcher Xingqi Chen as Wallenberg Academy Fellow. He is awarded a research grant of SEK 1.8 million per year for five years.

Portrait Xingqi ChenXingqi Chen’s research focuses on developing and using advanced technologies for studying single cells. As Wallenberg Academy Fellow he will develop an interdisciplinary toolbox for studying the mechanims behind the spread of cancer cells and the formation of metastases.

The programme Wallenberg Academy Fellow aims to support the most prominent young researchers with long-term funding to allow them to focus on their research. Funding amounts to SEK 6.5 to 15.6 million per researcher for five years, depending on the subject area. This year 31 new Wallenberg Academy Fellows have been selected, out of which four are at Uppsala University.

Press release Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation

Xingqi Chen’s research