Funding for IGP projects to develop innovations


Anna Dimberg and Ulf Landegren are two out of ten researchers that have been granted funding in SciLifeLab’s and Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation’s programme on Proof of Concept grants promote innovations in life science.

Anna Dimberg’s project concerns new antibody treatment for aggressive brain tumours by anti-CD93 therapy to block invasion and induce anti-tumour immunity. Ulf Landegren will develop high-throughput analysis of specific antibody reactivities.

The Proof of Concept programme is not meant as a translational academic research grant but as a specific goal-oriented project to develop an academic discovery towards an innovation and a product.

In addition to funding, the project leaders will receive continued support from the team at Wallenberg Launch Pad (WALP)  to develop their innovation to commercial maturity. 

More information:

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