IGP researchers granted positions from Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation and Swedish Cancer Society


Sara Bolin, Ulla Martinsson and Artur Mezheyeuski have been granted funding for post doc positions and research months.

Sara Bolin has been granted a two-year international post doc position from Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. Her project concerns new models to study the spread if childhood brain tumours.

Ulla Martinsson has received support from Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation for three clinical research months per year, during three years. She will run an international project about adverse effects after radiation therapy before the age of 18.

Swedish Cancer Society has decided to grant Artur Mezheyeuski a post doc position for three years to enhance immune response and clinical response in rectal cancer patients receiving chemo-radiotherapy.

More information:
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Ulla Martinsson’s research in Gunilla Enblad’s group
Artur Mezheyeuski’s research in Tobias Sjöblom’s group