IGP researchers receive grants from the Swedish Brain Foundation


Niklas Dahl and Jan Dumanski have been awarded grants of SEK 1 200 000 for two years, and Åsa Johansson and Fredrik Swartling receive SEK 600 000 for one year.

Niklas Dahl’s grant will be used for research on the use of stem cells for new mechanisms and therapy strategies for epilepsy, and Jan Dumanski will study if loss of chromosome Y (LOY) causes Alzheimer’s disease in ageing men. Åsa Johanssons granted project focuses on the question if contraceptive pills, hormone treatment and hormone levels affect the risk of stroke. Fredrik Swartling’s will study cells of origin for childhood brain tumours and mechanisms for relapse.

In the Swedish Brain Foundation’s call for applications, 296 applications were submitted, out of which 82 were granted funding. This year, in total SEK 77.3 million is awarded for research on diseases, conditions and trauma in the brain and other parts of the nervous system.

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