Three IGP researchers granted funding by the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation


Åsa Johansson, Marcel den Hoed and Bo Nilsson have been awarded research grants from the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation.

Åsa Johansson receives SEK 2.7 million during three years for research on the heredity behind cardiovascular disease, diabetes and asthma. Marcle dne Hoead has been granted SEK 1.2 million to identify and characterise new targets, drugs, and small molecules for prevention and treatment of coronary artery disease. Bo Nilsson has been awarded a one-year grant of SEK 500 000to study the innate immune response in human subjects with COVID-19.

The Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation has this year granted SEK 298 million in for instance project grants and researcher positions. Fourteen grants, of in total more than SEK 23 million, have been awarded Uppsala researchers.

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