Swedish Cancer Society positions to IGP researchers


Anders Mutvei receives a Junior Investigator Award, Jim Ögren is awarded a postdoc position, and Anja Mortensen, Diana Spiegelberg and Carina Strell are each awarded a fellowship in radiation therapy research.

The Swedish Cancer Society has decided to fund 27 new positions for researchers in different career stages. Junuíor Investigator Awards are six-year grants awarded researchers that have defended their theses less than seven years ago. Anders Mutvei is one of four researchers awarded this type of grant.

This year’s grants from the Swedish Cancer Society include a special effort on radiation therapy and out of the five researchers that receive funding in this effort, three are affiliated with IGP.

More information:
Swedish Cancer Society (in Swedish)
Anders Mutvei’s research in Theresa Vincent’s group
Jim Ögren's research in Tobias Sjöblom's group
Anja Mortensen’s and Diana Spiegelberg’s research in Marika Nestor’s group
Carina Strell’s research in Patrick Micke’s group