Favour Onyeogaziri second in the competition Coimbra Group Three-Minute-Thesis


Favour Onyeogaziri, PhD student in Elisabetta Dejana’s research group, come second with her finalist contribution where she explained how brain blood vessels in the disease CCM can be compared to leaking and clogged pipes in a house. She was specially complimented for her enthusiastic presentation.

For the competition, researchers from twenty of the Coimbra Group member universities submitted three-minute films where they pitch their research. After a voting among the member universities, three finalists competed for the victory today. The winner was Dounia Ziyati, University of Montpellier.

"In the research group we are incredibly proud of her silver medal and see her as a winner!" says Favour's supervisor Peetra Magnusson.

Favour Onyeogaziri’s and the other finalists’ films will be made available on the Coimbra Group YouTube channel.

Favour Onyeogaziri’s research in Elisabetta Dejana's group

Image showing the screen during Favour's presentation
Favour Onyeogaziri during her presentation