New grants for diabetes and cancer research


Olle Korsgren, Marcus Lundberg and Oskar Skog have been awarded research grants from the Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation and Carina Strell and Tobias Sjöblom have received research support from the Cancer and Allergy Foundation.

Olle Korsgren has been granted funding for a project about the substance resveratrol in type 1 diabetes. Oskar Skog receives support to elucidate the etiology of Type 1 diabetes, with the aim of developing novel intervention strategies. Marcus Lundberg will study alfa cells in type 1 diabetes.

Carina Strell’s grant will be used to study how resistance against radiation therapy develops in early stages of breast cancer. Tobias Sjöblom’s project concerns immune cells in the tumour microenvironment and how they can be used as biomarkers for cancer.

This year, the Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation will award SEK 19.7 million to 30 research projects. The Cancer and Allergy Foundation received 67 grant applications, out of which 20 were granted funding of in total SEK 4.4 million.

Mer information:
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