The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation funds IGP researchers


Four researchers at IGP receive project grants from the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation for research on brain tumours, eye cancer and new treatment strategies.

Anna Dimberg has been awarded a grant of SEK 4.5 million to study how blood vessels can be used as therapeutic targets when treating brain tumours in children. Angelica Loskog will receive SEK 3 million for three years for a project on immune-stimulating therapy to enhance CAR T cells. Geraldine Giraud’s project is on models and treatment strategies for the aggressive brain tumour Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma and she is supported with SEK 1 million for two years. Finn Hallbök, who will join IGP in the new year, has been granted SEK 800 000 for a one-year project on eye cancer in retinas generated from stem cells.

In this year’s call for project proposals, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation has granted in total SEK 108 million to 52 research projects.

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