Fredrik Swartling awarded ERC Proof of Concept grant


The Euro 150 000 grant will be used to develop diagnostic and therapeutic tools for brain tumours towards future commercialisation.

Fredrik Swartling’s research focuses on brain tumours, for which the conventional treatment is radiation and chemotherapy. However, it is common that therapy resistance develops and this is the major cause of death for children and adults with malignant brain tumours. In the funded project, Fredrik Swartling and his team propose a novel diagnostic tool to identify cells that become resistant to standard treatments of malignant brain tumours.

“Our strategy builds on our previous ERC starting grant project. There we identified an accumulation of resting cancer cells in biopsies from operated pediatric brain tumour patients that developed relapses. The resting cells are more resistant to standard therapy than the bulk of tumour cells that often respond well to standard therapy, says Fredrik Swartling.

ERC Proof of Concept grants are intended for researchers who have already received an ERC grant, to allow them to explore the commercial or societal potential of their work.

“We hope our new tools can be used in screening of freshly operated cells from brain tumour biopsies, with the intention to better identify patients at risk of developing severe relapses. The new grant is very welcome and will increase our chances to reach this goal,” says researcher Sonja Hutter, who is leading the experimental development of the the project in Fredrik Swartling´s group.

In total, 166 proposals have been granted funding in the call for applications for ERC Proof of Concept grants. Of these, 7 grants were awarded Swedish researchers.

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