Research at IGP

Colourful test tube racks and boxes for pipette tips

Research at IGP is basic, translational and clinical and there is a close collaboration between pre-clinical and clinical scientists.

Our research aims to increase biological understanding of development and disease, and improve diagnostics and treatment. The overarching goal is translational medicine, i.e. to link basic research with clinical applications, in disease areas such as cancer, autoimmunity, degenerative and genetic diseases.

The Department’s research groups are divided into six research programmes:
Cancer Immunotherapy
Cancer Precision Medicine
Genomics and Neurobiology
Molecular Tools and Functional Genomics
Neuro-oncology and Neurodegeneration
Vascular Biology

Here you can find a list of research group leaders

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Research at the Department is also described in IGP's information brochure (pdf)

IGP is associated with the Beijer Laboratory for Gene and Neuro Research at Uppsala University and several IGP researchers have bee appointed as Beijer Scholars. The Laboratory aims to support young, successful researchers, to allow them to establish themselves as independent scientists. Since 2019, Professor Lena Claesson-Welsh is director of the Beijer Laboratory for Gene and Neuro Research.

Last modified: 2022-09-01