Cancer Immunotherapy

A hand holding a petri dish in front of an open fridgeThe cancer immunotherapy programme at IGP comprises nine research groups that employ complementary approaches to study the role of the immune system in cancer. We also apply various methods to induce an immune attack on cancer cells. The research within the programme is both preclinical and clinical in nature, with preclinical developments being translated into early phase clinical trials.

New immunotherapy approaches

There is a strong focus on developing and verifying novel immunotherapy approaches as well as understanding mechanisms behind resistance to immunotherapy. Pathological examinations focus on understanding the immune landscape and the role of different immune cells in various forms of cancer. The clinical research includes both First-in-Human clinical trials with immunotherapies developed at IGP, and larger multi-center clinical trials.

The research groups within the programme work closely together and have at the same time a broad and international network of collaborators.

Research groups

Rose-Marie Amini – Haematopathology

Gunilla Enblad – Tumour biology and clinical studies of lymphomas and prostate cancer

Magnus Essand – Cancer immunotherapy

Mats Hellström – Translational research on immunotherapy for glioblastoma

Olle Korsgren – Diabetes research

Angelica Loskog – Immunotherapy for cancer and autoimmune diseases

Yumeng Mao – Dissecting the negative immune regulatory network to improve cancer immunotherapy

Patrick Micke and Carina Strell – From tissue biology to novel diagnostic and therapeutic targets

Gustav Ullenhag – Translational immunotherapy

Last modified: 2023-12-15