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  1. Jin C, Ma J, Ramachandran M, Yu D*, Essand M*. CAR T cells expressing a bacterial virulence factor trigger potent bystander antitumour responses in solid cancers. Nature Biomedical Engineering. 2022, on-line. * shared senior authors
  2. Dimberg Van Hooren L, Vaccaro A, Ramachandran M, Vazaios K, Libard S, van de Walle T, Georganaki M, Huang H, Pietilä I, Lau J, Ulvmar MH, Karlsson MCI, Zetterling M, Mangsbo SM, Jakola AS, Olsson Bontell T, Smits A, Essand M, Dimberg A. Agonistic CD40 therapy induces tertiary lymphoid structures but impairs responses to checkpoint blockade in glioma. Nature Communications. 2021, 12:4127.
  3. Martikainen M, Ramachandran M, Lugano R, Ma J, Martikainen MM, Dimberg A, Yu D, Merits A, Essand M. IFN-I-tolerant oncolytic Semliki Forest virus in combination with anti-PD1 enhances T cell response against mouse glioma. Mol Ther Oncolytics. 2021, 21:37-46.
  4. Ma J, Ramachandran M, Jin C, Quijano-Rubio, Martikainen M, Yu D*, Essand M*. Characterization of virus-mediated immunogenic cancer cell death and the consequences for oncolytic virus-based immunotherapy of cancer. Cell Death & Disease. 2020, 11: 48. * shared senior authors
  5. Fotaki G, Jin C, Kerzeli I, Ramachandran M, Martikainen M-M, Karlsson-Parra A, Yu D*, Essand M*. Cancer vaccine based on a combination of an infection-enhanced adenoviral vector and pro-inflammatory allogeneic DCs lead to sustained antigen-specific immune responses in three melanoma models. OncoImmunology. 2018, 7(3) e1397250. * shared senior authors
  6. Fotaki G, Jin C, Ramachandran M, Kerzeli I, Karlsson-Parra A, Yu D, Essand M. Pro-inflammatory allogeneic DCs promote activation of bystander immune cells and thereby license antigen-specific T-cell responses. OncoImmunology. 2018, 7(3), e1395126.
  7. Ramachandran M, Yu D, Dyczynski M, Baskaran S, Nelander S, Zhang L, Lulla A, Lulla V, Saul S, Dimberg A, Merits A, Leja-Jarblad J, Essand M. Safe and effective treatment of experimental neuroblastoma and glioblastoma using systemically administered triple microRNA-detargeted oncolytic Semliki Forest virus. Clin Cancer Research. 2017, 23:1519-1530.
  8. Jin C, Fotaki G, Ramachandran M, Nilsson B, Essand M*, Yu D*. Safe engineering of CAR T cells for adoptive cell therapy of cancer using long-term episomal gene transfer. EMBO Molecular Medicine. 2016, 8:702-11. * shared senior authors
  9. Ramachandran M, Yu D, Wanders A, Essand M*, Eriksson F*. An infection-enhanced oncolytic adenovirus secreting Helicobacter Pylori neutrophil-activating protein with therapeutic effects on neuroendocrine tumors. Molecular Therapy, 2013, 21: 008-2018. * shared senior authors
  10. Hillerdal V, Nilsson B, Carlsson B, Eriksson F, Essand M. T cells engineered with a T cell receptor against the prostate antigen TARP specifically kill HLA-A2+ prostate and breast cancer cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2012, 109: 15877-15881.


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