Rose-Marie Amini – Haematopathology

    Cells in Diffuse Large B-Cell
    Lymphoma (DLBCL)

Our overarching goal is to improve therapy and survival for patients with malignant lymphoma. The work focuses on identifying new markers that can be used for diagnosis and prognosis for lymphoma patients. We also want to increase the knowledge about disease development and to define the role of the immune system’s own cells in lymphoma development and tumour growth.

Each year approximately 2000 people in Sweden are diagnosed with malignant lymphoma. This is a type of cancer in the lymph nodes where lymphocytes, one of the cell types in the immune system, give rise to the disease. Malignant lymphoma is a heterogeneous group of diseases
and more than 100 specific subtypes of lymphoma
can be identified.

In the last 20 years the development of both diagnostics and therapies for malignant lymphoma has been very successful but there is still a need for enhanced knowledge about which genetic aberrations are present in different kinds of lymphoma. It is also important to study the microenvironment in the tumour to determine how cells that are not tumour cells, e.g. immune-regulatory cells, affect disease development and potential therapy resistance. These might also be targets for new, specific treatment strategies.

Our research focuses on three main objectives:

  • To identify new diagnostic, prognostice and predictive markers for malignant lymphoma. We study both indolent B-cell lymphoma such a marginal zone lymphoma, and clinically very aggressive forms of B and T-cell lymphoma.
  • To study various markers and genetic aberration that are relevant for lymphoma development and disease progression. We analyse clinically well characterised patient cohorts in relation to given treatment, known clinical prognosis factors and survival.
  • To increase the knowledge about disease progression for malignant lymphoma and the role of immune regulatory cells in the immune system for lymphoma development and tumour growth.

The research is performed in close collaboration with Gunilla Enblad's group at IGP.

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Last modified: 2023-01-30