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  1. Tunali G.,* Rubes Bedos M.,* Nagarajan D., Fridh P., Papakyriacou I., Mao Y.,# Interleukin-1 receptor associated kinase 3 acts an immune checkpoint in myeloid cells to limit cancer immunotherapy, The Journal of Clinical Investigation, accepted, 2023.*: contributed equally, #: corresponding author.
  2. Natoli M., Bonito N., Robinson J.D., Ghaem-Maghami S.,# Mao Y.,# Ovarian cancer intrinsic mechanisms confer resistance to immune checkpoint blockade antibodies, Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy, 2020, 69(8):1391-1401. #: corresponding authors.
  3. Mao Y., What industry can teach academia, Science 2019, 365 (6459), 1342,.
  4. Mao Y., van Hoef V., Zhang X., Wennerberg E., Lorent J., Witt K., Sanz L.M., Liang S., Murray S.M., Larsson O., Kiessling R., Lundqvist R., IL-15 activates mTOR and primes stress-activated gene-expression leading to prolonged anti-tumor capacity of NK cells, Blood 2016, 128(11).
  5. Mao Y.,# Eissler N., Blanc K.L., Johnsen J.I., Kogner P., Kiessling R.,# Targeting suppressive myeloid cells potentiates checkpoint inhibitors to control spontaneous neuroblastoma, Clinical Cancer Research, 2016, 22(15) 22(15):3849-59. #: corresponding authors.
  6. Eissler N.,* Mao Y.,* Brodin D., Reuterswaerd P., Svahn HA, Johnsen JI, Kiessling R., Kogner P.,  Regulation of myeloid cells by activated T cells determines the efficacy of PD-1 blockade, OncoImmunology 2016, 5(12):e1232222. *: contributed equally.
  7. Mao Y., Sarhan D., Steven A., Seliger B., Kiessling R., Lundqvist A., Inhibition of tumor-derived prostaglandin-E2 blocks the induction of myeloid-derived suppressor cells and recovers natural killer cell activity, Clinical Cancer Research, 2014, 20(15):4096-106.
  8. Mao Y., Poschke I., Wennerberg E., Pico de Coaña Y., Hansson J., Masucci G., Lundqvist A., Kiessling R., Melanoma-educated CD14+ cells acquire a myeloid-derived suppressor cell phenotype and are potent inhibitors of T cells via COX-2/PGE2-dependent mechanisms, Cancer Research 2013, 73 (13): 3877-87.

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