Magnus Lindskog – Prognostic and predictive factors in advanced cancer in the airways or kidneys

In our research we study patients with cancer in the airways, i.e. lungs or head and neck region, and kidney cancer. Our goal is contribute to improved and individualised therapies for cancer that is diagnosed in a late stage.

This includes finding methods to identify patients with limited metastasis (to lymph nodes and oligometastasis) that can benefit from combinatorial therapies.

The rapid clinical development of new drugs that modulate the body’s immune reaction against the cancer (check point inhibitors), or treatments that target blood vessel formation in the tumour (tyrosine kinase inhibitors), is promising but also imposes new challenges: How do we identify the patients that are most likely to benefit from the new drugs?

For patients with metastasised, advanced cancer and short expected survival, symptom controlled therapy and palliative care might be a better choice. These patients also have to be identified, to receive individualised care at the right time point.

The group is involved in several subprojects focusing on identifying prognostic and therapy predictive factors:

  • Predictive factors in immune modulating and anti-angiogenesis cancer therapy.
  • Optimised treatment of oligometastasised kidney and lung cancer.
  • Rational radiation therapy in locally advanced lung and head and neck cancer.
  • Therapies for cancer patients at the end of life.
Last modified: 2022-10-21