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  1. Mohajershojai T, Jha P, Boström A, Frejd FY, Yazaki PJ, Nestor M. In Vitro Characterization of 177Lu-DOTA-M5A Anti-Carcinoembryonic Antigen Humanized Antibody and HSP90 Inhibition for Potentiated Radioimmunotherapy of Colorectal Cancer. Front Oncol. 2022, 12:849338.
  2. Lundsten S, Spiegelberg D, Raval N R, Nestor M. The radiosensitizer Onalespib increases complete remission in 177Lu-DOTATATE treated mice bearing neuroendocrine tumor xenografts. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2020, 47(4):980-990.
  3. Spiegelberg D, Abramenkovs A, Mortensen AC L, Lundsten S, Nestor M*, Stenerlöw B*. The HSP90 inhibitor Onalespib exerts synergistic anti-cancer effects when combined with radiotherapy: an in vitro and in vivo approach. *shared senior authorship Scientific Reports. 2020, 10(1):5923.
  4. Johansson P, Krona C, Kundu S, Doroszko M, Baskaran S, Schmidt L, Vinel C, Almstedt E, Elgendy R, Elfineh L, Gallant C, Lundsten S, Ferrer Gago FJ, Hakkarainen A, Sipilä P, Häggblad M, Martens U, Lundgren B, Frigault MM, Lane DP, Swartling FJ, Uhrbom L, Nestor M, Marino S, Nelander S.  A Patient-Derived Cell Atlas Informs Precision Targeting of Glioblastoma.  Cell Rep. 2020, 32(2):107897.
  5. Mortensen A C L, Spiegelberg D, Brown C J, Lane D P, Nestor M. The stapled peptide PM2 stabilizes p53 levels and radiosensitizes wild-type p53 cancer cells. Frontiers in Oncology: Mol and Cellular Oncol. 2019, 9:923.
  6. Mortensen, AC, Spiegelberg D, Haylock A-K, Lundqvist H, Nestor M. Preclinical evaluation of a novel engineered recombinant human anti-CD44v6 antibody for potential use in radio-immunotherapy. Int J Oncol. 2018, 52(6):1875-1885.
  7. Spiegelberg D, Mortensen A C, Lundsten S, Brown C J, Lane D P, Nestor M. The MDM2/MDMX-p53 antagonist PM2 radiosensitizes wild-type p53 tumors. Cancer Res. 2018, 78(17):5084-5093.
  8. Haylock A-K, Nilvebrant J, Mortensen A, Velikyan I, Nestor M*, Falk R*. Generation and evaluation of antibody agents for molecular imaging of CD44v6-expressing cancers. Oncotarget. 2017, 18;8(39):65152-65170. *shared senior authorship
  9. Spiegelberg D, Mortensen A, Selvaraju R, Eriksson O, Stenerlöw B, Nestor M. Molecular imaging of EGFR and CD44v6 for prediction and response monitoring of HSP90 inhibition in an in vivo squamous cell carcinoma model. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2016, 43(5):974-82.
  10. Sahlberg SH, Spiegelberg D, Glimelius B, Stenerlöw B, Nestor M. Evaluation of cancer stem cell markers CD133, CD44, CD24: association with AKT isoforms and radiation resistance in colon cancer cells. PLoS One. 2014, 23;9(4):e94621.


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