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  1. Liljenfeldt, L., Dieterich, L., Dimberg, A., Mangsbo, S., Loskog, A.S. CD40L inhibits recruitment of myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSC) to the tumor micro milieu. Cancer Gene Ther. 2014, 21:95-102.
  2. Liljenfeldt, L., Gkirtzimanaki, K., Vyrla, D., Svensson, E., Loskog, A., Eliopoulos, A. Enhanced therapeutic anti-tumor immunity induced by co-administration of 5-fluorouracil and adenovirus expressing CD40 ligand. Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2014, 63:273-282.
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  4. Karlsson, H.S.C., Lindqvist, C.A., Fransson, M., Paul Wetterberg, G., Nilsson, B., Essand., Nilsson, K., Frisk, P., Jernberg-Wiklund, H., Loskog, S.I.A. ABT-737 blockade of Bcl-2 family apoptosis inhibitors sensitizes B cell tumors to CAR T cell killing. Cancer Gene Ther. 2013, 20:386-393.
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  9. Lindqvist, C.A., Christiansson, L.H., Simonsson, B., Enblad, G., Olsson-Stromberg, U., Loskog, S.I.A. T regulatory cells control T-cell proliferation partly by the release of soluble CD25 in patients with B-cell malignancies. Immunology. 2010, 131:371-376.
  10. *Malmström, P-U., *Loskog, A., Lindqvist, C., Mangsbo, S., Fransson, M., Wanders, A., Gårdmark, T., Tötterman, T.H. AdCD40L immunogene therapy for bladder carcinoma – the first phase I/IIa trial. Clin Cancer Res. 2010, 16:3279-3287. *contributed equally to this work.