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  1. Habicher J, Manuel R, Pedroni A, Ferebee C, Ampatzis K, Boije H. A new transgenic reporter line reveals expression of protocadherin 9 at a cellular level within the zebrafish central nervous system. Gene Expr Patterns. 2022, 44:119246.
  2. Tuz-Sasik MU, Boije H, Manuel R. Effects of illumination and neomycin in the locomotion and escape response in zebrafish larvae. Plos One. 2022, 17,,(4):e0266491.
  3. Koning HK, Ahemaiti A, Boije H. A deep-dive into fictive locomotion - a strategy to probe cellular activity during speed transitions in fictively swimming zebrafish larvae. In press BioOpen, 2022,11(3):bio059167.
  4. Bernhardt N, Memic F, Velica A, Tran M, Rubin C, Chersa T, Strömstedt L, Kong Y, Weatherbee S, Andersson L, Whelan P, Boije H, Kullander K. A point mutation in the ciliary protein TTC26 results in lumbar spinal cord fusion and synchronous hind-limb locomotion. eNeuro . 2022, 9(2):ENEURO.0518-21.2022.
  5. Iglesias González AB, Jakobsson J, Villard J, Lagerström M, Kullander K, Boije H. Single cell transcriptome analysis of Dmrt3 positive spinal neurons in zebrafish. Front Cell Neurosci. 2021, 15:781197.
  6. Manuel R, Iglesias Gonzalez AB, Habicher J, Koning HK, Boije H. Characterization of individual projections reveal that neuromasts of the zebrafish lateral line are innervated by multiple inhibitory efferent cells. Front Neuroanat. 2021, 15:666109.
  7. del Pozo Cano A, Manuel R, Iglesias Gonzalez AB, Koning H, Habicher J, Zhang H, Allalou A, Kullander K, Boije H. Behavioural characterization of dmrt3a mutant zebrafish reveals crucial aspects of vertebrate locomotion through phenotypes related to acceleration. eNeuro. 2020, 7(3):ENEURO.0047-20.2020.
  8. Rulands S, Iglesias Gonzalez AB, Boije H. Deterministic fate assignment of Müller glia cells in the zebrafish retina suggest a clonal backbone during development. Eur. J. Neurosci. 2018, 48:3597-3605
  9. Boije H, Rulands S, Dudczig S, Simons B, Harris WA. The independent probabilistic firing of transcription factors: A paradigm for clonal variability in the zebrafish retina. Dev. Cell 2015, 34: 532-543.
  10. Almeida A, Boije H, Chow R, He J, Tham J, Suzuki S, Harris WA. SoFa: A spectrum of fates approach to the developing zebrafish retina. Development. 2014, 141: 1971-80.
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