Ulf Gyllensten – New molecular methods for improved diagnostics and screening for gynecological cancer

Drawling with arrows that indicate ovaries, uterus and cervixThe research in our group focuses on developing new methods for diagnostics and screening of the three main forms of gynecological cancer; cervical cancer (or cervical cancer), ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer (or uterine cancer). Globally, 1.3 million women develop one of these forms of cancer annually, and about fifty per cent of them die from their disease. To reduce the number of women affected, better tests for early diagnosis and screening are needed.

Identifying new biomarkers

We are working with clinicians and clinical researchers to identify new molecular biomarkers that can be used to improve diagnostics for women seeking care, and to enable the development of a screening program for all these cancers. Especially for ovarian cancer, early detection through screening is the only possibility to reduce mortality. With regard to cervical cancer, we are also working to improve the existing screening program and to develop screening models suitable for developing countries.

To accomplish this, we work with multi-omics methods, i.e. large-scale analyses of both DNA, RNA and protein, to search for biomarkers that can be used for early detection or provide knowledge about the cancer’s stage of development.

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Last modified: 2023-02-22