Ulf Gyllensten – Human genomics and molecular epidemiology

women by sequencing machine
  Photo: Alex & Martin

The research of the group is divided into two parts:

In the first part we use a systems biology approach to study human physiology and we will determine the biological variation in human populations at different levels. We are interested in how the genetic, epigenetic and exposure (medical history, diet, lifestyle) effects can be modelled on the proteome, glycome and lipidome.

The second part concerns the genetics and clinical epidemiology of cervical cancer. This is the second most common cancer among women worldwide and is caused by persistent infection of oncogenic types of human papilloma virus (HPV). The research focus on the epidemiology of HPV, the identification of genetic factors contributing to the susceptibility and on the interactions between the virus and host susceptibility factors. We also have a large randomised study ongoing to compare cytology (PAP smear) and self-sampling for HPV testing in the primary screening to detect women at risk of developing cervical cancer.

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Last modified: 2022-09-01