Research at IGP

At the Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology (IGP) we perform basic and clinical research on genetic conditions and widespread diseases, with emphasis on cancer and diabetes. Integration with the University Hospital in Uppsala makes us a centre for translational research. The fundamental idea is that knowledge about the function of genes and molecules will provide insights into disease mechanisms and offer possibilities to develop new diagnostics and therapies.

IGP is located in the Rudbeck Laboratory, in Uppsala Biomedical Center (BMC) and at Uppsala University Hospital. The Department includes the clinical units Clinical Immunology, Clinical Genetics, Clinical Pathology, Oncology and Medical Radiation Physics, which gives us access to both clinical samples and clinical insights and needs. The work is performed in pleasant premises, housing a set of instruments that in some respects is nationally unique. Already when the Rudbeck Laboratory was founded in 1999, it was planned as a centre for translational research.

A common denominator for our research is molecular diagnostics, where we aim to understand disease mechanisms at the molecular level. The purpose is to improve diagnostics, prognostics and classification of diseases, and to develop new types of drugs. Our goal is to reduce the time from scientific discovery to clinical applications. We also perform advanced genome mapping, in order to understand the function and characteristics of cells or whole organisms.

The research is divided in six programmes:
Cancer Immunotherapy
Cancer Precision Medicine
Genomics and Neurobiology
Molecular Tools and Functional Genomics
Neuro-oncology and Neurodegeneration
Vascular Biology

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Last modified: 2022-09-19