Sven Nelander – Characterization of brain tumours using systems biology

Picture illustration how cell proliferation relates to cell migration and tumour massThe group develops new, systems biology based strategies to chart the molecular networks that cause cancer. The goals are to understand the importance of regulatory changes in cancer cells and to guide the development of new anticancer therapies, tailored to target specific vulnerabilities in the individual patient.

We mainly focus on the brain tumor glioblastoma, which affects more than 10,000 Europeans every year. We are developing a unique platform to study the cancer stem cell (CSC) population of these tumors. CSCs represent a small fraction of cancer cells that play a crucial role in disease progression and recurrence.

Using a Swedish collection of more than 100 patient-specific CSC cultures, we are applying high resolution molecular profiling, computer modeling and cell experiments using microfluidic technology, which enables us to track complex cellular responses to drugs.

We also develop new computational tools and resources for cancer research, such as EPoC and the new resource Cancerlandscapes.

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